Finals week can the most stressful week for a female college student. You might not even realize how much stress can affect the body.

Here are some tips and facts that can help you prepare for your insane week!

1. Start early. Even if you are the type of person to study the night before and ace your tests, start studying now! This will relieve your stress for next week and allow more time for other classes and maybe evendown town to unwind.

2. Eat healthy. If you are staying on top of eating the right foods, your body will feel much better than if you are eating junk food. This will help give your body and mind more energy and motivation to stay focused until the last day of school.

3. Stay well-rested. While all your friends may be pulling all-nighters to study for their exams, keeping your sleep schedule as regular as possible. Doing so will only increase your chances of getting a higher grade. Aiming to get at least 6 hours of sleep will also increase your energy for each long day of finals.

4. Period. When females are undergoing a large amount of stress, it can affect their period by making it shorter, longer, or you may not get it at all. This will only add to your amount of stress that you don’t need! It is better to just keep your stress levels down as much as you can so your period is not affected.

5. Concentration. When the body is undergoing stress it may become more difficult for the mind to focus and retain information. Finals week is not the time to lack the ability to retain information. Relieving stress any way you can will help you focus better.

6. Weak immune system. A physical reaction to stress can be a weaker immune system. Your body’s ability to fight off disease decreases. When your body is tired and you are not eating right, this will also cause the immune system to not be working as hard. Keeping on top of these few things will keep you away from the doctor during finals.

7. Relax. Even though normally during finals week you don’t relax, but give yourself some time each day to relax, this will increase your happiness and keep you from becoming anxious. This can include any hobbies that you enjoy doing or taking time for yourself each day.

8. Exercise. Exercise has been proven to be a perfect way to deal with stress and even depression. During finals week, you are probably not at your happiest. Being active will increase your spirits and allow your body to release those very tense emotions.

9. Take a break. If you are the type of person that needs to study for hours up on hours, then do so but remember to give yourself a break. This will allow your brain to relax and possibly retain more information. Get a coffee or some chocolate to give your body some fuel before studying longer.

10. Plan something fun. Yes, it’s the craziest week of the school year, take a few minutes to plan something fun for the beginning of summer with your friends. Whether you’re staying at your college town or going home for the summer, plan an adventure that you can do after your finals are over with. This can help motivate you to get through the week.