Whether you had too much fun on spring break or have zero motivation to finish the school year; here are some tips on what to do when you return home from your vacation:

1. Get a good night sleep the first week back. With your body used to staying up late and sleeping in long on spring break, try to get your body into a good schedule the first week back. This will help you focus better on your school work and get back into a routine easier.

2. Eat healthy. It’s the end of the school year and summer is close! If you are eating healthy, you will feel better about yourself and most likely be more motivated to finish the school year strong. While eating healthy foods, it will give you more energy throughout the day.

3. Be active. Even though you just had the perfect lazy spring break, get yourself out of bed and to the gym-you will thank yourself later! If you are staying active and working out in any way, you will feel more inspired to get your work done during the day.

4. STI Test. So maybe spring break didn’t go exactly as you planned. If you are experiencing any itching or unknown physical changes, get yourself tested right away. You don’t want to have any STI’s and even if you do, get on medication to get it taken care of before long-term effects settle in.

5. Sick. When visiting other states or countries on spring break, there is always a chance you will pick up the flu or some type of sickness. If you are feeling sick at all, go see a doctor right away. You don’t want to be feeling sick or have it get worse while you are trying to study for finals or for the beginning of summer.

6. Allergic reaction.  Allergic reactions can happen when you are in the sun too long, try new foods, or in different waters. If you think your body is reacting differently; schedule a visit to the doctor’s office. A reaction could disappear but it could get much worse, don’t wait too long.

7. Money. There’s a very high chance that you spent way too much money on spring break this year. You probably didn’t even know how much until you checked your bank account when you got home. Start looking for extra shifts to pick up at your work so you can save money for summer.

8. Short-term goals. With the school year coming to an end, set small goals for yourself before summer starts. This will help keep you motivated when you are finishing off the semester.

9. Go outside. Go outside and enjoy the nice Spring weather. The perfect weather will help push you to focus on school knowing that summer is right around the corner.

10. Still have fun. While your fun beach vacation may be over, still go out with friends and create more memories before the summer starts.