Plan B

No one is talking about the truth about Plan B.

  • Some¬†girls take it even if they may not be pregnant.
  • It can have real consequences for your menstrual cycles.
  • There are warnings about potential health problems a doctor should discuss with you.
  • Some guys are buying it for the girls they hook up with without considering her health.

At Source Medical we’re willing to tell you the truth and let you make your decisions. Questions we get all the time include:

  • When should I use Plan B?
  • What is it really doing to my body?
  • What can happen if I take it repeatedly?
  • Why do I feel coerced into taking this?
  • What can I do if I am afraid I am pregnant?


Everyone’s situation is different, so the important thing is to get the truth. We’re here to answer your REAL questions. We give CONFIDENTIAL and FREE information and our goal is to help you make the best decision for your body. If you can’t get up the nerve to call us and come in for a visit, just try our private text line at 660-254-3399. We will answer anything for you without judgement and point you in the right direction if you need more help.



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